Volunteers play an absolutely critical role in the maintenance and operation of the Buckhorn District Snowmobile Club. The common goal of all of our volunteers is to improve the experience of snowmobiling and  everything that it has to offer. The quality of the trails, which our club offers, are in large part due to the many volunteer hours contributed by our members.

There are many good reasons to volunteer with the Buckhorn District Snowmobile Club including making new friends, family activity, being outdoors for exercise and fresh air, helping manage a program, project or event, learning new skills and helping keep the cost of trail permits affordable. All of the volunteers bring a diversity of skills to fulfill different jobs for our club.              

Our club relies on active volunteers to complete a wide variety of jobs that are required to run successful trails during the snowmobiling season. You do not have to snowmobiler to be a volunteer with our club. Anyone can volunteer and it is not only for the benefit of our trails but also for the surrounding businesses and communities.

Volunteering with our club is also not just about getting the job done – it is also about making new friends, having a good time and a sense of accomplishment. Our current volunteers are a fantastic group of people who share a vision of improving the regions snowmobiling experience and building new friendships with others who enjoy the sport and the outdoors as much as they do.

If you are interested in volunteering with the club please contact us at buckhorn@district2ofsc.on.ca