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Algonquin Cookhouse Bancroft
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Foodland Bancroft 4445 Elephant Lake Road Harcourt
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Harmony Resorts – South Algonquin 4445 Elephant Lake Road Harcourt
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South Algonquin Country Store 3895 Loop Road Harcourt  
Wally’s Pub 85 Renwick Road Chandos Lake
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The Paudash Clubhouse is located approximately 1/2 hour driving time north of Apsley, Ontario.  By sled, it is just off the E trail, a few hundred meters north of the junction of E110 and the E.   GPS coordinates Lat. 44.9308 Lon. -78.1160

There are several outbuildings as well as a main Clubhouse, which we keep open 24/7 during the snowmobile season, in case emergency shelter is needed or you just want to warm up. It has a wood stove, outhouses, a few tables and electricity for interior and exterior lighting.

There is room for some limited trailer parking but please try not to block the main garage doors or the circle driveway behind the sheds where the groomers turn around. You are welcome to park along the shoulders of the main road and there is often a secondary parking area cleared several hundred feet up the road.

If you stop in, please say hello to the groomer operators. During the season, there is usually someone around in the yard at practically all times of the day and night. We ask that you respect the property and please, if you have a moment, take an arm-full or two of firewood inside. It warms you twice! Once as you carry the wood, and second as you do a good deed to help keep the place warm for the next visitor.

PLEASE NOTE: the Clubhouse lies in a natural basin and is surrounded by hills and forests that can sometimes affect cell phone transmission.  Don’t count on being able to call or text from there.

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